Love Notes


Lucia & Eric

Stephanie was a gem to work with for our wedding. We had our wedding at the Kahala, were planning it from New York City, had never visited the hotel, and needed someone to be our eyes and ears on the ground in Hawaii. Stephanie went above and beyond by making a trip to the hotel and face timing us so we could get a glimpse of the reception room.

She was organized yet relaxed, patient yet knew when to push decisions forward. She never made me feel like I wasn’t in charge of final decisions and she never overstepped to make decisions for me, which came up as an issue when I was vetting other wedding planners in Honolulu. She gave great recommendations for vendors but also wasn’t pushy when we decided to hand pick all of our vendors for our big day. She worked hard to make us feel confident and comfortable in our wedding day schedule even though we had extra events such as a tea ceremony and a cocktail hour. 

Where Stephanie really shines is the day of. I could easily say we had a perfect wedding day. She kept all the vendors, the wedding party, and our guests on time — everyone knew where they needed to be all the time. Everything went right and if there were any issues, we weren’t at all aware of them. She had a team of three who helped during the wedding and they did a wonderful job directing people to their seats as well as giving directions to our unusual guest book of Jenga blocks and postcards. 

We were so happy Stephanie was the planner for our wedding and played such a big part in making our big day a huge success. We highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who wants to have a beautiful and magical wedding in Hawaii. 

Tawny & Mitchell

Steph is an amazing wedding planner. From day one, I felt like she cares deeply for her clients and wants to give them their dream wedding. We sat down and had some coffee, talked about my vision, and I felt like she totally understood what I wanted. Throughout the process, Steph was easy to communicate with, she helped me find vendors when other vendors would fall through or when I decided I wanted to add different things last minute to the wedding. I am so grateful for her because planning your first wedding is stressful and there are so many details that go into it, but Steph is so experienced that she knows how to handle each and every situation, I felt like every time I was going to have a "bridezilla" moment, she diffused my anxiety before it could manifest. One thing I'm eternally grateful for was my flowers. I was set on this one vendor, but Steph immediately looked at my invoice and noticed that I wasn't getting my money's worth and it wasn't lining up with my vision. And she helped me to understand that there were other vendors who could create my vision for the same price and give me a better bang for my buck! She saved me from being disappointed and I'm so grateful for her! My flowers were beautiful and exactly what I had envisioned.

Everything went perfectly on my day of my wedding and I couldn't be more happier with Steph and her amazing work!



Thuy Linh & Christian

Seriously, we have such an amazing Wedding Planner. She's the best!!! She has taken care of the many tasks for us that couples usually have to worry about. From picking out wedding venues for us to choose from, to pricing on photography, flowers, videography, etc. Stephanie has gone above and beyond and out of her way to make things happen in a timely manner. I can truly say, the planning process has been stress free and very enjoyable because of her. She's a smooth and hard working coordinator.